SIFOX BackOffice

This is a product consisting of base modules for post-trading activities.
Static data

This module imports and stores all data on pricing structures, financial instruments and your client register. It is a totally flexible module enabling you to integrate other applications so as to improve and facilitate the exchange of information between the various applications.

Integration via Web Services / APIs

Registration of information on clients, financial accounts and trading

Parameterisation of fees and pricing structures

Registration of fact sheets for financial instruments


This aggregates the parameterisation of the information needed for the correct application of fiscal legislation in the operations carried out and processed, in accordance with the legislation in force.

Interactive screens to parameterise the tax matrix

Calculates and automatically applies withholding tax rates and the corresponding taxes

Automatically calculates withholding tax on accrued interest for buying and selling transactions

Automatically calculates VAT and stamp duty


Combining all available information with online operations, this module makes it possible to automatically apply pricing structures to calculate costs and revenue, perform allocations using various algorithms, as well as generate and automatically send internal reports, both internally and to clients.

Automatic reception of transactions performed in trading applications

Optimised algorithms to process allotment

Automatically applies parameterised pricing structures (taxes and exemptions)

Calculates realised and unrealised margins, losses and gains

Schedules automatic communication with clients

Interactive screen to register over-the-counter transactions

Global repository with history of operations performed


Communication via SWIFT is a requirement in capital markets, so this module is fully integrated with the Settlement module to generate and receive SWIFT messages with real-time control.

Settlement of transactions

Updates the status of operations

Registration and notification of corporate events

Communication with clients and / or counterparties

Clearing and settlement

Allows you to control the clearing and settlement of your business transactions.

Parameterisation of clearing, safekeeping and settlement accounts

Query on positions by safekeeping account

Integration with Interbolsa and Clearnet when settling transactions

Control and management of the settlement of operations by integration of custodians


Automatically registers and processes a wide variety of corporate events, as well as managing financial instrument positions.

Reconciliation of positions in safekeeping and settlement accounts

Automatically calculates accrued interest

Management and control of liquidation balances

Management of positions in the financial intermediary’s NOSTRO accounts

Transfer, deposit and withdrawal of securities

Management of requests to lock and unlock securities

Automatic registration and processing of corporate events

Subscription and redemption of units, and communication with management companies

Automatic processing of safekeeping, management, performance and many other fees

Issuing of reports for end clients and counterparties

Risk management and control

In addition to controlling and validating investors’ account balances, this module also manages leverage risk in financed and/or margin accounts using highly complex algorithms.

Online balance validation with the possibility of integration with external applications

Calculation of Value at Risk

Control of settlement limits

Real-time assessment of investors’ purchasing power

Parameterisation of securities and markets haircuts

Real-time assessment of margins

Automatic transfers between financial and margins accounts

Business financing

With regard to commercial paper and bond loans, this module generates all information and financial flow between the various players in the primary market, ensuring that each one’s obligations are fulfilled

Creation of single and group programs

Control of issuances allocated to the same program

Parameterisation of book runners and agents

Registration and processing of subscriptions in the primary market

Setting and parameterisation of different types of charges by issue

Setting of alerts and their recipients by issue date

Generation of various types of reports

Accounting interface

Automatically integrates all accounting operations that were performed based on parameterisation rules and generates files for accounting applications.

Identification of transactions entered

Creation of chargebacks

Flexibility in the parameterisation of accounting rules

Aggregation of accounting entries

Guaranteed validations on transactions entered

Entry of external transactions

Creation of files for accounting applications


Certified by Portugal’s Tax Authority since 2012, this module automatically integrates all billable operations registered in SIFOX.

Automatic integration of billable transactions registered in SIFOX

Automatic creation of billing documents

Automatic production of credit notes

Creation of the monthly SAFT file in XML format

Legal Reporting
Fiscal Reporting

This module contributes to fiscal transparency. It evolves according to international regulations and helps improve the client's internal processes.

Portuguese Tax Authority: tax forms



Calculates annual tax gains/losses and issues reports for end clients, considering all transactions registered in the BackOffice.


This is a module which covers and complies with MiFID regulatory requirements and developments.

Parameterisation of the acceptance of the execution policy

Appropriateness test

Parameterisation of categories of financial instruments and investors

Registration of exceptions

Integration of all reportable operations

Integration layer with external applications

Registration of relevant information for investment decision-makers

Generation of the Transaction Report

Reading and processing the regulator's complaints file

Structure required under Order Record Keeping

Reporting on the 5 largest execution venues (volume and number of transactions)

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