In order to develop trustful and quality solutions for our customers we have developed several excellence partnerships with renowned companies in our sector.

Finantech and Euronext continue their strategic partnership, either with the integration of the APA & ARM services from Euronext for our Sifox MIFIDII Module, by adapting our products to the Optiq platform, allowing our clients direct access to this market and several other colaborations and actions.


With the goal of strengthening and solidifying the information available at our SIFOX platform and automating the operative processes of our clients, Finantech established this partnership with SIX, which allows us to provide the most recent informations relating the technical infos, corporate events, closing prices, and many others.


Sharing market prices is a main feature of the SIFOX platform, this is possible by the integration with this Market Data Provider partner of Finantech. The entire technological component is optimized to make this information available in Real Time on our platform.


Following the lastest developments of the market and growing use of multi-listed shares, Finantech made available to its customers this revolucionary MTF access, aggregating the liquidity of the most popular shares from the main US and EU markets.


One of the biggest players in the market and a partnership opportunity Finantech could not miss to pursue and develop, in order to promote full integration between all our products, following the constant evolutions from both institutions. All this with the single goal of creating added value for you, our customers.


Finantech has celebrated a strategic partnership with TradingView, the leading provider of advanced technical analysis and charting tools for online trading. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to continuing to enhance and innovate our Sifox Trader product with technologically advanced features, so that we can continue to have an application that allows our clients to face the constant challenges that the market poses.


The need to establish this partnership was clear following the development of one of our most innovative applications, SIFOX Phone. This app has the goal to replace the tradicional phone consoles used extensively in the trading rooms of most financial institutions during the last few decades. After developing this new app, the need to establish this partnership was clear, allowing us to integrate the most recent IP Phone technologies to our product.


Finantech is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, following an excellence relationship for more than 15 years. While being certified Gold Partners we give full use to all the features of the innovative and powerfull tools provided and developed by Microsoft in our daily work.


British Telecom is a global provider of integrated IT and telecommunications services. Integrating with its Telephone Consoles and Call Manager, our Sifox Phone application presents itself as a robust solution for specific telephone services used by Trading Desks and Contact Centers.


Striving for the excellence of our products, we look for partnerships with best in each sector. Following that vision, we soon understood that Oracle would be the ideal partner for the development of our databases. With both companies established a close and lasting partnership, where the focus is and always will be to provide you, our customer, the best service and features we can possibly offer.

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