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Administration and finance

Excellent communication skills and outstanding organizational skills are the core competencies to be a part of the team that manages all Finantech's administrative activities. In addition to these professional qualities, we look for people who guarantee high levels of integrity and work ethics. Are you ready to give your full support to our Management and staff?

#FinanceOfficer #Administrative

Customer support

Since Finantech develops and supplies products that deliver high performance and meet the highest demands, our clients can only expect the same from the support we provide them. In addition to a specialized knowledge of the business, we look for professionals with excellent technical and interpersonal skills capable of providing thorough technical advice, solving problems and fostering the evolution of our products and services. Is this the career you've always dreamed of?

#BusinessSupportAnalyst #HelpdeskManager #SoftwareDeveloper

Design and Marketing

Knowing how best to present all Finantech products and services is a fundamental requirement for this position. For our Design and Marketing team, we look for proactive, creative people with divergent thinking and a broad strategic definition. Do you think you have what it takes to further enhance Finantech's Marketing and contribute to the success of this company?

#MarketingSpecialist #Designer

Software development and implementation

What distinguishes Finantech from other companies is the development of innovative, efficient and high-quality software. In addition to the extraordinary ability to design, develop and deliver software, in this area we look for professionals with excellent interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with both customers and the entire Finantech team. Do you think you have what it takes to win in this area?

#SoftwareDeveloper #SoftwareArchitect #ReleaseManagement

Project management

The management of exciting projects in the financial area always entails a significant investment in the relationship of proximity and trust with all our clients. For this reason, Finantech privileges people capable of transparent, interactive management and with excellent results within the defined deadlines. These are the strengths that differentiate our company from all others. What about you? What sets you apart from other project managers?

#ProjectManager #ProductOwner #AccountManager

Human resources

Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent is one of the great goals of Finantech. For this area we are looking for people capable of building multidisciplinary, inclusive and high-performance teams, supporting and promoting solutions that contribute effectively to their personal and professional progress. Do you have all the skills and motivation to be part of our human resources team?

#AgileCoaches #HumanResources

Security, infrastructure and IT support

The nature of our business requires constant and secure monitoring of systems, databases and active networks. To ensure the highest security standards and an immediate response in case of failure, professionals in this area must have the necessary skills to guarantee the confidentiality, security and reliability of all the services we provide. Are you ready for this challenge?

#SecuritySpecialist #SecurityManager #DBA #SystemEngineer

Sales and account management

Selling our products and services is a very stimulating challenge. If you want to explore and deepen your relationship with existing clients while searching for new contacts, new business opportunities and new markets, this is the ideal job for you. You will also be required to process sales, manage contacts and perform after-sales follow-ups. Rapid thinking and competitive spirit are two essential qualities for this work. Feeling prepared?

#SalesManager #AccountManager

Product vision

By applying for this position, you will have to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, find the best usability solutions, manage backlog, specify and prioritize requirements, present visions of the future, outline strategies and validate new functionalities of our products and services. Knowing the specifics of our clients and market business in which we operate, translating this knowledge to product requirements are competences that we develop, value and by which we differentiate ourselves. Are you up to the challenge?

#ProductOwner #Designer #SoftwareArchitect #BusinessAnalyst


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Agile approach

Panoramic views

A fully equipped kitchen

Team building activities

Up to 3 extra days’ annual leave

Frequent treats

Health insurance

Agile approach

Frequent treats

Health insurance

Up to 3 extra days’ annual leave

A fully equipped kitchen

Panoramic views

Team building activities

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