SIFOX BackOffice

Base modules solution for Post-Trading.
Static data

Imports and stores all the information about price lists, financial instruments and client registry. A fully flexible module that allows the integration of other applications, improving and facilitating the exchange of information between the various applications.

Integration via Web Services / APIs

Registration of information about clients, financial accounts and trading

Parameterization of fees and prices

Registration of technical data sheets of financial instruments


Aggregates the parameterization of the necessary information for a correct application in performed and processed operations, according to current regulations.

Interactive screens for parameterization of the fiscal matrix

Calculation and automatic application of retention rates and corresponding taxes

Automatic calculation of retention rates on interest accrued in purchase and sale operations

Automatic calculation of VAT and stamp duty


Combining all available information with online operations, it allows the automatic application of price lists for the calculation of costs and revenues, the realization of allocations using various algorithms and the automatic generation, reports, both internally and for clients.

Automatic receipt of transactions made in trading platforms

Optimized algorithms for apportionment processing

Automatic application of parameterized prices (taxes and exemptions)

Calculation of realized and unrealized margins, losses and gains

Scheduling for automatic communication with clients

Interactive screen for recording off-exchange transactions

Global repository with history of operations performed


Since communication via SWIFT is a requirement in capital markets, this module is fully integrated with the Settlement module, generating and receiving SWIFT messages with real-time control.

Operations settlement

Update of the operations state

Registration and notification of corporate events

Communication with clients and / or counterparts

Clearing and settlements

Module that allows the clearing and settlements control

Clearing, custody and settlement accounts parametrization

Custodian accounts positions

Integration with Interbolsa and Clearnet in the operations settlement

Control and management of the operations settlement


Automatically records and processes a wide variety of corporate events, while also managing the positions of financial instruments.

Positions reconciliation

Accrued interest automatic calculation

Settlement balances management and control

Positions management in NOSTRO accounts of the financial intermediary

Transfers, deposits and securities withdrawal

Requests management for securities locking and unlocking

Automatic registration and processing of corporate events

Shares subscription and redemption. Communication with management companies

Custody automatic processing commissions

Issuance of reports to final customers and counterparts

Risk management and control

In addition to controlling and validating the balances in investor accounts, this module also manages the leverage risk in accounts with financing and / or trading margin, using the most complex algorithms.

Online balances validation allowing integration with external applications

Value at Risk calculation

Settlement limits control

Real-time assessment of investor purchasing power

Securities and market haircuts parameterization

Real-time margin evaluation

Automatic movement between financial accounts and margins

Corporate finance

As far as commercial paper and bond loans are concerned, this module generates all the information and financial flow between the different players in the primary market, guaranteeing the fulfillment of obligations by each one.

Simple and group programs

Issuances control

Parameterization of bookrunners and payment agents

Registration and processing of subscriptions in the primary market

Setting of different issuance charges

Setting of alerts and corresponding recipients by issuance dates


Accounting interface

Automatically integrates all accounting operations based on parameterization rules generating files for accounting applications.

Recorded transactions identification

Chargebacks creation

Flexibility in the accounting rules parameterization

Accounting entries aggregation

Guaranteed validations on recorded transactions

External transactions accounting

Creation of files for accounting applications


Certified by the Tax Authority since 2012, this module automatically integrates all billable transactions registered in SIFOX.

Automatic integration of billable transactions registered in SIFOX

Automatic creation of billing documents

Automatic creation of credit notes

Creation of the monthly SAFT file in XML format

Legal Reporting
Fiscal Reporting

Contributes to fiscal transparency, evolving in accordance with international regulations and improving the client’s internal processes.

Tax Authority



Calculation of annual tax revenues and reporting to final customers, considering all movements registered in SIFOX BackOffice.


It covers and responds to MiFID regulatory requirements and evolutions.

Parameterization of the acceptance of the best execution policy

Appropriateness test

Financial instruments and investors categories parameterization

Exceptions records

Integration of all reportable operations

Integration layer with external applications

Relevant information record keeping to investment decision-makers

Transaction Report generation

Reading and processing of the complaint file from regulatory authorities

Order Record Keeping

Report of the 5 largest execution venues (volume and number of operations)

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