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Sifox Trader

Have you heard about our trading app? An award winning platform designed for financial instruments negotiation, focused on the user experience, which allows customers from any bank or financial institution to have an integrated view of their assets and financial operations. Click here to know more about the Sifox Trader.



At Finantech we support our clients implementing the new data protection regulation. We have created a new SIFOX GDPR Module that allows our clients to select and define which personal data is relevant to them in order to comply with the new regulation, replacing it in their own system by special keywords or simply the word “Anonymous”, ensuring the GDPR is enforced.


Marketing team

The new Marketing team was created because we want to communicate and interact even more with you. The main goal of this team will be to make our communication more dynamic and active. This will allow you to follow us more closely and discover all our new products. Our commitment is to be connected with you and your company ensuring we are always active and aware. Follow us here and on our LinkedIn


Design team

To improve and transform the experience of using our products, we have built a new Design team. The main goal of this team will be to make our systems more efficient and more productive, redesigning them according to the needs of our users. A commitment that our designers instantly embraced and makes us more confident about the future.


Agile methodology

The motto "visibility, transparency and collaboration" and the Agile approach underpin Finantech's organizational change. Adaptive and focused on people, the Agile Methodology has produced immediate and very positive results in the structure of our company. Today, we are more satisfied, more motivated, and better prepared for the challenges of the future.


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